Emilyn Kowaleski

Writer & Director

JULY 10th

In a dusty studio in Beirut, five women gather to do yoga: a local hairdresser, an American combat solider, a veteran, a Syrian refugee, and an Australian Air Force officer. Between downward dogs and mountain poses, their lives—all vastly different, all on the brink of change—will clash and converge, as the hot sun continues to set over Lebanon.

Exploding Knot is a 2018 HB Studio Resident!

We'll be developing our new piece, This Play was Not Written by a Woman as artists in residence at HB Studio in May and June


This Play was Not Written by a Woman is a new devised theatrical work investigating female artists who adopted male identities in order to advance their careers. We will use the narratives of several of these artists, such as jazz pianist Billy Lee Tipton and author Laura Albert as a springboard to pose and investigate questions about the importance of identity as it relates to authorship and artistry. We aim to help an audience consider how our perception of artistic ability shifts based on the artist’s identity. We will examine what “truth” an artist owes the public, under what circumstances it is acceptable to “lie,” and in what ways society both creates the necessity and punishes artists for doing so.

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June 23rd and June 24th @ 8pm at The First Floor Theater (122 Bank St.)

Co-Directed by Sarah Stites

Featuring: Laurena Allan, Samy El-Noury, Alice Gorelick, Ashley Lauren Rogers, J Moliere, Melissa Mickens, Emma Orme, Anna Reichert and Jehan O. Young.