Emilyn Kowaleski

Writer & Director

Sex is a Poor Man's Opera

Sex is a poor man’s opera

In this opera of erotic erroneous existence

We sit in sects divided

Distance deepened by our desire

For the dramatic,

The emphatic instruction of

Raw ravenous, rambunctious pleasure

We sit in bunks, bunkered, debunked

By our lavish, longing, lamented love

Of another caste

Cast in our perception of another

We are cast out

We are common

Too common

Not common enough

To come on to another

That glitters before us

Layden in jewels

They can’t see

Wearing a crown they can’t feel

We say wear it

Live in it

Know you are royalty the way I perceive

And though there have been many

that may have deceived

I live in love and honesty

I long to lay beside

Inside your luscious lengthy lulling love

To cross a room is not much you’d think


Many have crossed seas

To see and drink

From the same cup of their lover

You see many

Proclaim and many cry

And many resolve to drink and die

And no I cannot answer you why

And no I cannot answer you why

But Sex is a poor man’s opera

Scenic and soulful and songlike and fun

Blow out your cigarette after it’s done

And forget there are battles yet to be won

About how to load the dishwasher

Swim in the dishwater the dirt and the grime

Enjoy the great suspension of time

Love often, repeated, again and again

Know broken hearts are sure to mend

They say a rich man’s pearl is what the poor man said

No, a poor man’s pearl is a rich man’s head

Who kept his true lover away from his bed

But yet we learn distance

Destructive and dead

Our sinuous sensations put to bed

Remembering stories we’ve often read

You live and you learn

You love and you lie

And no I cannot answer you why

And no I cannot answer you why

But sex is a poor man’s opera