Emilyn Kowaleski

Writer & Director

The Idea:

One of the only things that everyone has in common is a raw attraction to other human beings, a need to feel close to someone; yet, how we experience this and what learn from it is so vastly different. We have a fascinating affinity for boxes and labels surrounding love that are both universal and person specific.  Using this 25 + hours of raw interview material, the intention is to create a piece that reverberates the core of each of the audience members, producing the writhing roller coaster of emotions felt in relationships, as we break down boxes that cause us to isolate and oversimplify each others' experiences.










The Development:

August 2013-  I reached out to my extended network offering a coffee/beer/drink of poison to anyone that would gush to me about every EX/crush/lover/non descriptive romantic partner They'd had since they were still in the sandbox.

October 2013- I got together 4 performers each with multidisciplinary skill sets. Together we started weaving the interviews into  a piece of theater.

December 9, 2013- We presented the first work in progress event at Cloud City in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

February 2014- Root of the Rosebush is selected as a 2014 Artwerk NYC finalist.

June 2014- Rosebush expands it's team and begins it's second stage of development

August 3rd 2014- We present a staged reading of Rosebush at Grand Art Haus in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

October 25th, 2014- Dixon Place presents a workshop production of Root of the Rosebush

January 2015- Root of the Rosebush undergoes a facelift. Emilyn continues to work with the interviews and stem of Rosebush but she has transformed the project into Eversion (or that time my heart flew out of my mouth)