Emilyn Kowaleski

Writer & Director

Our Heroine

Interview with The Habitat


The Witch of St. Elmora Street

"The Witch of St. Elmora Street is a comedy that has the power to tear your heart apart before you have a chance to escape its charm." 

- Theater Is Easy

"Everything about this play is eye-catching"

- Plays to See

"One of its finest qualities is that it frequently achieves a nearly grotesque clownishness without depriving its characters, or its audience, of a sense of realness in their sentiments and actions, no matter what myths they draw upon to dress them in."

- Stage Buddy

"I was very welcomed into the world, but I felt like I was a completely objective observer, watching the action sometimes feeling like watching a slow-motion car trash. It’s… for lack of better words… extremely entertaining"

"What I think is most powerful in this piece is its almost electric current of energy."

- Culture Bot


EVERSION (or that time my heart flew out of my mouth)

In the New Yorker

Interview in the Civilian's Extended Play