Emilyn Kowaleski

Writer & Director


4th on New York Magazine's Best Productions of 2017

The New York Times

The New Yorker

Time Out

Exeunt Magazine



Our Heroine

Interview with The Habitat


The Witch of St. Elmora Street

"The Witch of St. Elmora Street is a comedy that has the power to tear your heart apart before you have a chance to escape its charm." 

- Theater Is Easy

"Everything about this play is eye-catching"

- Plays to See

"One of its finest qualities is that it frequently achieves a nearly grotesque clownishness without depriving its characters, or its audience, of a sense of realness in their sentiments and actions, no matter what myths they draw upon to dress them in."

- Stage Buddy

"I was very welcomed into the world, but I felt like I was a completely objective observer, watching the action sometimes feeling like watching a slow-motion car trash. It’s… for lack of better words… extremely entertaining"

"What I think is most powerful in this piece is its almost electric current of energy."

- Culture Bot


EVERSION (or that time my heart flew out of my mouth)

In the New Yorker

Interview in the Civilian's Extended Play