Emilyn Kowaleski

Writer & Director

Our Heroine

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Our Heroine is a sixteen part performance poem that travels through the life of a mythic yet modern anti-heroine on the brink of erupting the world, providing a clean slate on which to rebuild a better world for her daughters. It tells the story of her body- the policing and abuses of it, the way she shares it, and the way it heals. The poem speaks to common experiences relating to womanhood, while recognizing that no universal experience of womanhood exists.

We are currently transforming Our Heroine into a series of short films.

Our first film, Our Heroine: The Legend was filmed in collaboration with Uptown Works in January 2018, co-directed by Diane Chen.

It premiered at the Nasty Women Unite Festival and was selected for the audience awards’: Women’s, Socio-Political Short, and Experimental Short Film Festivals. Enjoy!

Development and Performance History

I began writing Our Heroine on a residency with Lama Theater Company in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua. It has been developed and workshopped through: The Field's Fieldwork program with a space grant from Eva Dean Dance,  The Habitat 2016-2017 Director’s Playground, Title:Point’s SalON!, and the Interrobang New Works Festival.

Work-in-Progress Showing @ Interrobang New Works Festival @Vital Joint

Photos by Cameron Kelly McCleod

June 3rd and 8th 2017

Featuring ~ Maybe Burke, Diane Chen, Victoria Myrthil, Amy Sheehan, Anna Reichert and (the voice of) Purva Bedi

The Habitat Director's Playground 2016-'17

Our Heroine was developed in part through a year long director's playground with The Habitat which provides space and peer director feedback sessions.

Photo by Justin Nestor

Photo by Justin Nestor

Developed with Anna Reichert, Diane Chen, Amy Sheehan, Shelley Forte, Purva Bedi, Victoria Myrthil, Maybe Burke and Gina Stevensen

Excerpt @ Title:Point's SalON

Our Heroine Goes to War was performed at Title:Point's SalON in September 2016