Emilyn Kowaleski

Writer & Director

Presented at ?! New Works Festival at The Brick in July, 2019.

Performed by Olivia Cade

Assistant Directed by Nia Farrell

Set in a Bathroom looks at the history of gender-segregated restrooms. It will examine their roots in the stringent gender roles and purity politics of the Victorian Era and how they have been constructed and legislated to "protect" cis-white women's bodies while justifying discrimination against black, gay, and trans and non-binary people in various contexts across history.

We began exploring it as a 10-minute lecture turned performance poem traversing cis-white women’s impassioned defenses of gender-segregated bathrooms from 1887 to 2016.

Emilyn will be conducting research and constructing her master’s thesis on the subject until May of 2020! Stay tuned for its next artistic forms. . .